Guide To Exploring Your Town In 2016

We all understand, believe me. You have been bitten by the travel bug yet again, yet you are not able to travel due to work, school, and/or money. That doesn’t mean you are destined to spend 2016 in bed binge watching yet another show on Netflix. Though that can be fun and entertaining, it is time to get out and explore the very town you live in! I know, I know, you might not live in a city that has tons of things to do. But I can guarantee there are places you haven’t been to. This guide can help you begin to get out, because this just takes a few hours each month and it can be tailored to fit your very town!

January– visit a pottery or painting studio and get creative. Where I live there is a pottery place that my friends and I love to go to and paint pottery. There is also a painting studio where they give step by step instructions for how to paint a specific picture that we have wanted to try but haven’t gotten around to yet. I am hoping this summer when we are all back in town we will be able to finally make that happen. Perhaps your town has something even cooler? Check around and see what types of classes are offered! 

February– find the best sledding hill in town. Growing up I always seemed to get a ton of snow days in February, so if you find yourself with lots of snow during that month, try to find a great hill to sled down!

March– try a restaurant you have not tried before. If you are like me, it is easy to go to the same restaurants over and over again. But try to get out this month and try one that friends have recommended, or just one that you have driven by a dozen times but never actually tried. 

April– visit a museum or showcase. Does your town have a museum or maybe an art exhibit? With all the rain that April brings, it is good to have some indoor activities lined up. 

May– find the best biking trail in town. This can apply to walking or hiking as well, but basically just get out and explore nature! Some parts near me have awesome trails, but I rarely ever use them. This month I want to finally enjoy the warmer weather and get outside more!

June– find the best ice cream shop in town. You would be surprised at how many ice cream shops are around. From small cafes that sell ice cream as well, to local shops, to well known chains. You have all summer to try them out, so why not begin now? 

July– visit a nearby festival with friends. Summer brings many festivals with it, some a little stranger than others. I challenge you to gather a few friends one weekend and make an afternoon out of visiting a festival. 

August- find a restaurant with the best outdoor seating. My town doesn’t have many restaurants with outdoor seating, but last summer my friends and I did find a few cafes and restaurants that had patios. The warm weather will be gone soon so enjoy the sunshine while you can!

September– find a new park and explore it. This is similar to the May one, but just try to get out and explore nature more before winter comes! You can even explore apple orchards or pumpkin patches to get you in the fall spirit.

October– visit a local resale shop and find new treasures. Chances are your town has more than just a Goodwill, and you might not even know about all the treasures hiding there! Last summer my friends and I discovered a new-to-us clothing resale shop downtown, and a book resale shop just a few blocks away! 

November– go to a local sporting event. If you live near a school or college, try going to a basketball game or something similar. If you live close to a professional team, even better! 

December-visit a new coffee shop and see Christmas lights! I actually did this with a few friends this past December and it was so much fun. We got hot chocolate then drove through a few nearby neighborhoods to see the best lights. Some streets were duds but others were completely decked out! 

What is your favorite thing to do in your town? How do you explore and find new places? Share in the comments! 

xo, Scarlett