5 Easy Ways to Relax

Sometimes I can begin to feel overwhelmed with everything I have to do. My to do list feels a mile long, and even if by some miracle I finish everything on it, there is always another test to study for or another paper to write. During the school year it is honestly never ending and after a day of hard work it is easy to feel stressed. I wanted to share my favorite things to do to destress and relax, whether it is just for 5-10 minutes between assignments, or at the end of a hectic day.

Turn on your favorite song(s)-
If you have an all-time favorite song, or favorite playlist, try turning that on. Do whatever you want to while it is playing. Sometimes it is good just to sit and listen, other times cleaning up is a good option. And sometimes you just need to grab a few friends and have a full-blown dance party. Back in December during finals week my suite mates and I would all get together in one of our rooms and dance to a song to have some fun in between studying.

Pick up a good book-
Something about grabbing a cozy blanket and a good book helps me feel like everything is okay. Just be careful not to get too lost in the book and spend hours and hours reading!

Write it out-
If I have too much going on in my brain, sometimes I just need to grab a notebook and jot some ideas down. Sometimes I journal, other times I make to do lists.

Paint your nails-
I always feel better when my nails are looking flawless, so taking 20 minutes to re-do them can give me a whole new outlook on the day!

Doing a short and easy workout is a great way to give your mind a break while still doing something beneficial. My roommate and I use the sworkit app a few times each week and pause to do some yoga together. It is great to do with a friend or to do it alone, and you can choose how much time to do it for.

How do you relax during a stressful day? Share in the comments below!