What I Wish My Non-Blogging Friends Knew

I have heard so many bloggers say things like “My friends who aren’t bloggers just don’t understand x, y, and z.” So today I am going to share what I wished my non-bloggy friends knew, and I asked a few of my blogger friends to chime in their thoughts as well!

-When I am on my phone while hanging out with you, it’s not that I’m just aimlessly on social media or because I don’t want to be with you. It is usually because I have an important email to reply to or I hadsomething happen with a post that has to be fixed ASAP.

-I die a little inside every time that you complain about being bored. I have talked about this before, but I am pretty sure bloggers are never bored. There are ALWAYS emails to reply to, networking to be done, posts to write, tweets to schedule, photoshoots to take, and so much more.

-If I decline hanging out with you because I am too busy that day, believe me, it kills me. I want to hangout but sometimes I just have to schedule that post for tomorrow. When you are a blogger you work with companies and you have to be reliable. If I tell them I am posting a review on a certain day, it needs to go up then even if it means I have to skip out on the froyo date.

-I don’t just sit at my computer and publish my feelings for all to see. That is what so many people tend to think of when they think of blogs. But not all blogs are just personal journals! Obviously I do share small parts of my life, but it is SO much more than just a little journal.

-If you take outfit pictures for me or snap a picture of my outfit so I can Instagram it later, know that I am so grateful and appreciate it much more than you will ever know.

-I actually work hard to get pieces from companies. I didn’t just post once a month on a sloppily designed blog and have hundreds of companies chasing me down wanting to send me stuff. I have put hundreds of hours of work into it and while luck could be a part of it, hard work is most of it!

Now that I have shared my things, it is time to turn to some of my friends who are bloggers and find out what their #1 thing is!

Jamie from The Fashion Newcomer said:

I wish my non-blogging friends understood how credible blogging is. I feel like there is this general notion that blogging is a weird and self-absorbed activity that leads nowhere. However, there are so many bloggers now that maintain their websites as a career, not just an online hobby! No one should start a blog outright as an avenue for money, however, the fact that this potential exists is absolutely incredible and adds to the growing list of jobs social media has created. Bloggers are intelligent and many know how to properly maneuver their websites to be a career for them — a very little known fact!”

Ellen from A Pop of Pink said: 

“One thing I would want my non-blogging friends to know is that I don’t blog as a way to get attention. I blog because it gives me a sense of purpose, and it’s something I enjoy. I’m just very fortunate that there are people who want to see what I’m wearing and read what I have to say!”

Carrie from Carrie On Blogs said: 

“My number one thing I wish people knew is that blogging is a ton of work. We make it seem all fun and easy. We have pretty pictures of our outfits and talk about the latest trends all the time. What people don’t know is that behind that outfit post is an hour of shooting and only a third of the pictures ended up being good and hours of tracking down all the clothes we are wearing in the outfit. That post about the latest trend or how to style a certain piece of clothing probably has hours of trial and error styling and research behind it. There are a lot of late nights if you want to keep a consistent schedule. People have to remember that many of us are full time students with homework, jobs and extra circulars. Many of us don’t just sit around all day writing about fashion and life. These posts are written in the early hours of the morning or on the weekends when we would rather be watching Netflix or hanging out with friends. But the thing is while it is a ton of work, we all secretly love it.” 

Hunter from Prep on a Budget said:

“Here is my quote for your post:  One thing I wish my non-blogging friends knew about me is that blogging is a lot harder than it looks.  Lots of people think it is a really simple thing to run, but it takes a lot of time and effort to keep a blog in good standing!”

Caitlin from Your Typical Prep said: 

“That when I make them wait to eat at restaurants to take a picture, it’s not because I want them to suffer, but because I need to keep up that insta aesthetic.”

Elle from Uniquely Elle said: 

“The #1 thing I wish my non blogging friends knew is how much time and dedication you have to put into it. When you publish a post it’s not some quick 10 minute thing you post to the Internet. It takes several hours, depending on the type of post. And you have to dedicate time to your blog, like you would dedicate time to a job.” 

A big thank you to all the bloggers who participated in this post! CathleenCarrie, and Jamie have joined me in creating a full post on their blog today, so checkout their lists for even more things we wish our non-blogging friends knew! 

Non-bloggers: Did you learn anything from this post? And bloggers, which one of these would be your #1 thing? Share in the comments!

xo, Scarlett