“Adulting” is a phrase a lot of people have been throwing around on social media recently, as well as in real life. And recently I have been finding myself “adulting” as well. It is kinda of a weird thing to not really feel like a kid anymore. I go to the store and come home with a bedspread for my dorm room instead of crayons when it comes to back to school shopping. I make weekly trips to the bank deposit checks instead of to the playground. My friends talk about the color of the towels we just bought over lunch instead of our latest American Girl doll purchases. You get the point.


Recently my friend told me that people never really feel like adults. Maybe they do eventually, but not anytime soon. She said she had an older sister who has 4 kids, yet sometimes she still feels like a teenager. It is always funny because kids always seem to think that once you are a certain age you just do grown up stuff. But in reality I take more naps now then I did when I was 5.

In the end, it is nice to have more freedom and be able to do things like buy bedding, but it is comforting to know that I can still do “kid” things like draw with chalk or have sleepovers with my BFFs when I have a little spare time on my hands.

I know this post was extremely rambly, but one thing I have liked about blogging every day in July is being able to do a few more personal posts on the weekends and just be real with what has been going through my mind/ happening in my life recently!

xo, Scarlett