A Day In My Life: Weekday Summer 2015

As many of you know, I got my first actual job halfway through this summer. So now I am working from 8am-noon everyday, which means no more sleeping in. So that’s fuuuun…
In reality it is actually nice to be forced to get up a little earlier than I normally would and actually be productive and make a little money. Anyways, now that I have been doing this for a few weeks I wanted to share what a “typical” day in my life looks like. This is difficult to do because every day is different. Let’s be honest, some days I spend the whole afternoon blogging from bed.

7:20 am- wake up and eat breakfast
7:35-get dressed
7:40- brush hair, teeth, etc.
7:50- leave house
8-12pm- work
12:15- eat lunch
12:45-reply to blog emails
1:15- bike ride
1:45- read book, watch youtube, etc.
2:30- work on to do list (blogging, cleaning, etc)
3:30- work on project (currently I am working on a big DIY project, but sometimes I will use this time to blog more.)
5:30- Dinner
6:00- this is a time that varies a lot. Sometimes I babysit in the evenings, other times I am with friends. And if I have no plans sometimes I will just work on more of my to-do list.
10:00- begin before bed routine (shower, brush teeth, take out contacts, read my Bible, etc.
11:00- I try to be in bed by 11 at the latest, but sometimes this does not happen. And if I am out with friends I don’t make it a point to be home by 10 or 11… but by 12 or 1 if possible since I do have to get up early for work now!

That’s a typical day in my life! Obviously things are always changing and if someone wants to hang out at 1:30 I am not going to be like “oh sorry I can’t I am scheduled to ride my bike or go on a walk then. Too bad!” It is just a rough outline of what I tend to find myself doing throughout the day if I have nothing planned. Also, read this post to learn how to have a productive summer!

How do you spend your days? Share in the comments!
 xo, Scarlett