The Big Chop

Last Thursday I finally took the plunge and cut about 6 inches off my hair. I don’t know exactly how much it was, but it reached my belly button and now it is just past my shoulders! 




As you can see, it is much shorter. But it still is long enough to put up and do some simple styles with. I didn’t want to cut it too short to begin with, plus for upcoming occasions like prom and graduation I will probably want to try to do some cute styles with it. If it was really short, I wouldn’t be able to do much.

I am glad I did it because everyone says it suits me and it makes me look older. It is also so much easier to manage, so that is definitely a bonus. Plus it looks healthier. I’m sure there will be things I will miss about long hair, but for now I am enjoying the change!

xo, Scarlett