Easy Citrus Nail Tutorial

Today I am sharing a fun nail tutorial that is perfect for spring. Now that Valentine’s Day is over, I am looking for easy ways to add spring inspired things into my life, so painting my nails a cute design is perfect! 

I started by painting my nails a light turquoise color. Then I added a yellow circle to one corner of my nail. This will become the outside of my orange. 

Next I added orange inside of the yellow circle, as well as another orange circle for the outside of another orange. I used a slightly darker orange color to add tiny dots to the outside of that orange. 

Then I added white lines inside the orange to make it look like an orange slice. Lastly, I added a few green leaves around it!

This is the finished look! Now whenever I look at my nails it reminds me that spring is just right around the corner! 

xo, Scarlett