Love It or Leave It: Hootsuite


Hootsuite. If you are a blogger, I am sure you have at least heard about Hootsuite. It is a website that allows you to schedule social media posts so you don’t have to worry about tweeting however many times per day. 

Recently I have had a few questions over Twitter and email about Hootsuite. Today I wanted to do a separate post about it to let you know my thoughts!

I really like Hootsuite. I only use it to schedule tweets, but it is such a timesaver. It is so easy to schedule tweets promoting new and old content, as well as sharing other great content. I try to schedule all my tweets for the following work week by Sunday evening. Then, I don’t even have to worry about tweeting during the week! Sure, I will sometimes tweet stuff that is relevant to my life, but if I get busy and don’t have time, it still looks like I am on there and active. 

I also like that you can follow certain feeds. There are a few bloggers that I enjoy reading all of their posts and seeing what they are up to because they are inspirational, so I have a separate tab for their feeds. It might sound stalkerish, but it really isn’t. I just check it about once a week to see if I missed out on anything, and many times I find that I completely missed a post from my favorite blogger! 

It is also great if you participate in Twitter chats. I don’t participate in many anymore (long story…) but when I did it was extremely helpful! 

My overall opinion is that Hootsuite is definitely worth a try. It might not be for everyone, but personally it helps me so much! It is also awesome that it is free, so you don’t lose anything by trying it. I have mentioned before that consistency is key when becoming a successful blogger, and Hootsuite can help you social media posts become more frequent and consistent!

Do you use Hootsuite? Do you like it? Share in the comments!

xo, Scarlett