Monday Mash-up {1.05.15}

Today is my last day of Christmas break! In some ways, it went by so fast, but it also feels like it has been forever since I have seen everyone and been in school. This is my last semester of high school, so I am really excited to start back and just get through it. There are lots of fun things happening this semester too, so hopefully it will be a great end to high school! 

Don't do it 

I have been pinning so many quotes and words on Pinterest, such as this one! Everyday you see people copying others, especially in the blogging world, so be sure to stand out and be unique! 


Checkout this cute printable calendar!

Flutter Flutter Vignette: Ampersand Flamingo Print (Etsy), lantern, hydrangeas. 

This ampersand flamingo is so cute! 

Comfy, casual look 

I am not a huge hat lover, but I really like this one on her!


I know 2015 is a year when many people have travel plans, so this is a great post to keep in mind!

Have a great week!

xo, Scarlett