Monday Mash-up {10.20.14}

This past weekend I had Thursday and Friday off too, but I had so many projects to do that I was still busy the whole weekend! Then on Saturday I went on another college visit and babysit until almost midnight, and Sunday I went to an apple orchard/pumpkin patch with friends and did the rest of my homework! So I apologize in advance if I don’t get 5 posts up this week because with all the college stuff on top of school and working and volleyball, free time has been super rare.

Pumpkin Scones {Starbucks Copycat} ~ Perfect Breakfast or Brunch Recipe 

Don’t these look AMAZING?!  I really want to try them, but I don’t have all the ingredients yet!


This is an old post, but I came across it in the past week so I wanted to share!


I loved Dorothy’s post about college truths!


Don’t forget to see Frannie’s vest picks for this season! 

 Long sleeve dress and fur vest 

Speaking of vests, I am generally not a fan of the fur look, but I am loving how she styled this outfit!

Your actions speak louder than words 

Keep this in mind as you go through this week! 

Don’t forget to leave any questions in the comments that you would like me to answer in a Q&A later this week! 

xo, Scarlett