Contacting Companies: What Bloggers Should and Shouldn’t Do

When it comes to contacting companies, sometimes bloggers don’t know where to start or they are afraid to take the first step. One of my favorite quotes is “You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.” This quote really applies to blogging because many times you have to speak up and make yourself known before you can be a part of an amazing opportunity.

 It might appear to some people that I don’t interact with that many companies since I have only actually been sent pieces by a few. That is not the truth though. I approach different companies and I have many companies approach me, but ultimately you have to decide if the company will be a good fit for your blog, and if you will be a good fit for the company. I have turned down many offers because I am not interested in receiving a free product if it is something I won’t like or use!

Do introduce yourself and share a little bit about your blog in the first email. Keep it a short and sweet as possible though!

Do tell them how working together will benefit them. Some companies have worked with very few bloggers in the past, so they don’t know all the benefits that come with working with a good blogger. It is up to you to persuade them to work with you! If you have a specific idea already in mind I would go ahead and share that as well.

Do offer your media kit. I personally do not include my media kit in the first email I send them because if they aren’t interested then they don’t need to know all my stats. I do make it clear that I have one that I would be more than willing to send if they want to see it! 

Don’t immediately ask for free stuff. If you ask for a free piece in your very first email, it makes it seem like that is all you want. Build a relationship first and maybe even work together in a smaller way before you get sent a free item. You can include in your first email that you are open to receiving samples though, because that might open up the door and they might be interested in having you show off a piece of theirs! 

Don’t  be afraid. I have heard of so many people saying they have never contacted companies because they are too afraid of rejection… um, how are you planning on getting anywhere then?! Try regardless of what you think there answer will be… you might just be pleasantly surprised! It never hurts to politely ask. 

Do work with companies around you size. If you are a new blog, find a new company to partner with! Don’t expect to work with Kate Spade when you only have 50 followers… it just won’t happen unless you have major connections! 

Do reply to any email a company sends you. In reality, I say reply to any email you receive where a response would be appreciated, but that is up to you. If a company takes the time to reply, even if it is to say no, you should reply and thank them. Plus, if you keep in touch and let them know that you are still interested in working together in the future, that can lead to future collaborations! 

Do make smart decisions. If a company seems sketchy to you, don’t work with them. If a company is offering you something you won’t like or something that doesn’t fit in with your blog, don’t agree just because it is free. 

Do make sure your blog looks professional. Looks do matter, and a company will not want to work with a blog that is cluttered and has banners everywhere. 

Don’t take days/weeks to reply to emails. We all slip occasionally and take a little longer than we should, especially if we are out of town or if it is during exams if you are in school. I make it a goal to reply within 48 hours, but sometimes it can take 3-4 days.

That is all the tips I have to share for today. Is there anything you would add or change? Share in the comments to help fellow bloggers!

xo, Scarlett