School and Life Update!

Hey guys! Today I am 3 weeks into my senior year… and it has gone by so fast already! Just a warning: this post is more of a personal post that some of my long time readers or bloggers I know might find interesting but I know a lot of you might not care about it. That is completely okay, just click into a different post! I am mainly writing this to update those who care and so I can look back on it. 


 It is so weird to be having so many “lasts.” Last first day of school, last picture day, last first volleyball game, and when this post is up I will be on my last retreat! Every year all the high schoolers go on a 2 day retreat, but this year the seniors got to leave a day early which is awesome!

School still has been taking up quite a bit of my time this year even though I only have 4 actual academic classes. I am also in my last season of volleyball, so I am at the gym every single day for practice or going to a game. I have also been applying to quite a few scholarships for college, studying for when I take the ACT again in September, and applying for things like National Honor Society! Plus, I still have to apply to college in the next month or two! 

Luckily I have not gotten too far behind in blogging yet, but most weekdays I do not have time to even respond to emails, let alone write a post. So I do apologize in advance if I am not able to keep up for the next month or two, but school, friends, and family will always come first!

September is going to be an extremely busy month for me, but I am really excited for all the fun things that will happen during it and during the rest of the year. I am also so glad that I get out of school at 1:15 almost every day because that gives me an extra few hours to get homework done, blog, and hangout with friends! 

Do you have any advice for me for senior year? Let me know in the comments!

xo, Scarlett