{Trendy Talks} Seren from Terrible Thrills

 Today we are chatting with Seren from Terrible Thrills! Seren is new to the blogging world, so I want to introduce her to you guys! Learn a little bit more about her, then checkout her blog! 

 1.Where does the name Terrible Thrills come from? 

was struggling to think of a blog name for ages, and I was impatient to
actually start my blog. So I finally settled on choosing a lyric from
the opening song of my favourite musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show,
“…but when worlds collide, said George Pal to his bride, I’m gonna
give you some terrible thrills…” It doesn’t have anything to do with
fashion but I think I like that about it! It’s different.

 2. What made you decide to start a blog this past summer? 

been wanting to start one for a while but I’ve been so busy with school
the past few months, and am going to be busy again in September, so I
thought starting it now would be ideal. I’ll be blogging long enough for
me to get into a habit by the time school starts again, and it’s given
me something productive to do over the summer!

 3.What has been your favorite thing about blogging so far? 

really enjoyed talking to other bloggers. Whether it’s in the twitter
chats or leaving and replying to comments on blogs. I love the sense of

 4.What are your top 3 favorite blogs to read?

is probably a lot of people’s favourite, but I love Zoella. I think
hers was the first blog I read, and was what introduced me to fashion
blogging. Another one of my favourites is Le Happy. Her style is so cool
and edgy and her photos are always amazing. And lastly, I love The
Lovecats Inc. She is so stylish and her posts are always very well

 5.What is your favorite clothing brand? 

I love H&M. I would happily wear only H&M if I had to! It’s so
fashionable but not at all expensive. It’s perfect.

 6. Do you have a favorite quote? 

current favourite quote is from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s
Stone which I read for the first time recently. “It does not do to dwell
on dreams and forget to live.” I think it’s an important reminder to
not wait for the future to be happy, but to be happy now.

7.If you could dye your hair any color for one day, which color would you choose? 

floss pink. I think it’s so gorgeous, but I could never commit to that
amount of bleaching and dye. I wish there was a way to dye it just for
the day!

 8.Is there anything you want to accomplish before 2015? 

I need to pass my driving test. ASAP. Definitely before 2015!

9.If you could go to any place in the world right now, where would you go?

York City. I’ve always wanted to go, and I’m sure I want to live there
even though I’ve never been. The shopping, art galleries, Broadway…It
just seems perfect for me!


Do you agree with any of Seren’s answers? Did you checkout her blog? Tell me in the comments! 

xo, Scarlett

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