9 Tips For Improving Your Blog’s Twitter

I can personally say that I have made some of my best blogging friends through Twitter, found amazing new blogs to follow through Twitter, and have had many people find my blog through Twitter. My blog would be so much smaller if I did not use this platform, so I am very thankful I do! Today I wanted to share a few tips I have learned over the past few years on growing your Twitter following and making new friends on Twitter! 

1. Follow people if you like what they have to say– You do not have to go crazy and follow thousands of people. But one way to get people to notice you is following them, and also your feed will be filled with awesome stuff to inspire you if you follow awesome people! 

2. Reply to tweets- If someone says something that you agree with or have a comment about, voice your opinion! It can lead to a great discussion and even a new friendship!

3. Schedule your own posts and tweets- I use Hootsuite and I don’t know what I would do without it. I try to schedule all my posts for the following week by Sunday night (I like to plan things and get them done early!) so Sunday I always go through and schedule tweets for all those links. Another tip for this is to always phrase your tweets differently! I hate seeing the same tweet worded the same way show up multiple times each day! Make it good so people want to click your link. I generally don’t schedule many other tweets because I like to tweet in the moment about what I am doing/my life and I like to be able to reply fairly quickly if people do reply to my tweet!

4. Tweet funny stories, good sales, a helpful tip, etc.-Don’t just share your links on twitter. Add in some personal tweets too! I love getting an extra glimpse into my favorite bloggers lives!

5. Join Twitter chats/parties- At the end of July I joined a #glamfamchat and it was so much fun and so useful! #ChicChat is another one I try to join every Tuesday night at 8pm if I can… but many weeks I miss it!  I used to participate in lots of chats such as #bbloggers, but they grew too spammy and were not helpful. I now just join chats where people are genuine and we all share helpful information about blogging with eachother! It is so fun, helpful, and a great way to meet new friends!

6. Favorite tweets- This goes along with what I said about replying above. If you like someones tweet or if it was helpful, favorite it!

7. Tag brands/other people- If you are mentioning something that has to do with someone, (such as tweeting a picture of an item from a brand) mentioned them in the tweet. It is very likely that they will favorite it, reply back, or even retweet it!

8. Retweet if you want to share something good with your followers- Speaking of retweeting, try to retweet things that other people say that you think your followers would like. I am trying to get better at this personally, but I usually retweet helpful articles, witty tweets, etc.

9. Sort through who you are following occasionally-I like to go through all of my followers every 6 months or so and weed out the ones who don’t tweet anymore, rarely tweet, or ones that I just don’t like anymore. I want to be able to see stuff I like in my feed, so I don’t really hesitate to weed out someone I have no connection to if they don’t say anything I want to know about. Plus, more room to follow new people and start the cycle all over again!

Other stuff to keep in mind- 
Always be kind and polite to people you interact with
-Use a profile picture that goes along with how you want to portray your blog
– Come up with a good blurb to use when describing

Let me know if you have any tips for Twitter in the comments below!

xo, Scarlett