What camera do YOU use?

 easy breezy.

That’s right, I want YOUR feedback on this post! As a lot of you know, I have been trying to improve the quality of my blog over the past couple months. I have been posting more frequently and I have been trying to post better quality posts. That being said, when I do outfit posts I usually just use my iPhone unless I can have someone with a nice camera shoot them for me. Before the end of 2014 I would love to purchase a new DSLR camera that will take awesome blog pictures.

I want to know what you use and love for your amazing pictures! Or what camera have you heard good things about and are thinking about buying yourself? I was thinking maybe a Canon rebel T3i, but then I noticed a blogger that I know uses this camera doesn’t always have the clearest pictures or the type that I want to have. Perhaps it is a user error or they need to use a different setting, but it made me hesitant. So I definitely want to hear what cameras you love! 

Please tell me in the comments below if you would recommend any or NOT recommend a certain camera for some reason! 

xo, Scarlett