Fab Girl Bloggers


Today I wanted to share about a community I joined last weekend. Fab Girl Bloggers was created by Ashley Mason, who I have known for about a year now since I joined her other group blog called Chit Chat. Chit Chat didn’t stay around for too long after I joined, but now Ashley has dreamed up another great idea! Ashley actually kind of reminds me of myself because even when I was a kid I was always coming up with new projects and schemes such as having a store in my house where I sold my crafts! I love how she goes with her ideas and they turn into something like this! 

Here is a little bit about Fab Girl Bloggers, which I took from their About page

“After realizing the little amount of teenage blogger communities there
were, Ashley Mason decided to create Fab Girl Bloggers in July 2014 as a
way to meet new bloggers and expand relationships with past friends.

Fab Girl Bloggers applies to any girl bloggers from the ages of 13-22.
In this community, bloggers can meet new friends, set up and attend
events, have the opportunity to apply for sponsored posts, and submit
posts from their blog to be spotlighted in the community.

The goal of this community is to have as much fun as possible while also enjoying the benefits of blogging!”

If you fit the age criteria, I highly recommend you join! The more people that join the more opportunities there will be! Personally, I love the events section because I have ALWAYS wanted to go to a blog event, but there have never been any that have been close enough to me or where there are bloggers similar to me! 

Will you join Fab Girl Bloggers? Have you already joined? Tell me in the comments! 

xo, Scarlett