DIY Tassel Keychain + Necklace

 In case you haven’t noticed, I love tassels. Checkout my outfit that included tassels, a what’s in my travel bag that shows my favorite bag with tassels, and my tassels trend post for more tassels! Recently my friend and I made a craft store run and picked up some embroidery floss, jump rings, and a chain for the necklace and created these tassels!

This is a great DIY because you don’t need a ton of supplies. All you need is scissors, jump rings, a chain if you are making a necklace, and your color of embroidery floss. You also might need pliers to get the ring opened and closed.

 I tried wrapping it around this piece of cardboard about 30 times and I really liked how it turned out! You can wrap it around whatever you want, even your hand!

 From there I slid it off the cardboard, slid it on a pencil, and tied the top.

I recommend sliding it directly off the pencil onto the ring to make it easier to get on the ring!

 Here I am making my keychain tassel and reshowing the process.

 Here I show that I took the string that I last wrapped around the cardboard and used it to tie around the top. You do have to take it off the cardboard before you can completely tie it off!

 Again, I recommend sliding it off the pencil onto the ring!

 The finished products! I am so happy with how they turned out, and I have gotten so many compliments already! It also is a lot cheaper than buying something similar from a store or somewhere online. 

Do you like tassels? Have you done any fun DIYs recently? Tell me in the comments!

xo, Scarlett