7 Tips to Drink More Water

It is so important to drink a lot of water, especially in the summer when it is really hot outside. It is a lot easier said that done, so I decided to share some practical tips to help you drink more water. I have to share that I don’t drink any pop. Like I can count the number of times I have had a sip of pop on one hand. I just don’t drink it so that means I end up drinking tons of water! I literally will go day or even weeks where I will just drink water. I do drink some other things like juice, milk, tea, hot chocolate, smoothies, milkshakes, etc. But for the most part, I just drink water! 

1. Keep ice water by you 24/7– I always keep water by me when I am in class, working on my blog, etc. I will absentmindedly drink water or I will drink it if I am bored, so by the time I get up I realize I have finished off the whole bottle! 

2. Add a lemon slice to spice it up- Whenever I go out to eat, I always just get a water with lemon. The lemon adds the perfect amount of flavor and it is less boring than normal water.

3. Make flavor infused water- Try adding different fruits such as strawberries to your water to make flavor infused water!

4. Get a cute refillable water bottle- Personally, if I have something cute to drink out of and take with me, I will want to drink more water. If it is a boring bottle, I won’t want to carry it around. Just me? Maybe…

5. Drink a cup right when you wake up- Your body needs water when you wake up since you haven’t had any water all night. By drinking a cup when you wake up, you will help replenish the water and feel better! 

6. Order water at restaurants- Instead of ordering a sugar-loaded drink, try a simple water instead! It also saves you money which is great if you are on a budget!

7. Play a drinking game with water- This is actually really fun to do with friends. Most people use alcohol, but there’s no need when you can have just as much fun with water! Try doing it during your favorite show or movie whenever they say a certain word to make it fun. 

How do you drink more water? Tell me in the comments!

xo, Scarlett