Monday Mashup

Hope you all had an amazing weekend! Friday night I went to an amazing musical with some friends. On Saturday I played a little tennis, flew a kite, babysat, and was just able to relax. Sunday I had church and a lot of schoolwork to do to prepare for finals, but overall this weekend was perfect! 


This video. When a friend shared in on Facebook, I decided to watch it and was very glad I did! It was so powerful and reminded me that anything is possible.

This project was so creative! 

I found this picture on Pinterest and I just love it.

{ bright orange }
I also have been loving pictures with orange lips, but I have yet to try it personally. 

40 Secret Places most travelers don’t know about… and my bucket list just got way longer lol! 

Share in the comments if you have ever been to any of the 40 places, if you have a good orange lip product I should try, or any comments about this post!

xo, Scarlett