Monthly Musts: May

When I saw this post that A Girl Smitten did at the beginning of April, I knew it was right up my alley and I had to try it myself in May!


MUST WATCH- All the Youtube videos in my Watch Later list. Right now a lot of the shows I watch on TV aren’t on, so I have extra time to watch Youtube. During the school year I obviously don’t have a lot of extra time to watch videos, so I put ones I want to watch into my Watch Later list.  Now there are over 200 videos in there, so I need to delete ones I don’t want to watch anymore and then watch the rest!

MUST DO- Deep clean my whole room. That means going through every drawer, under my bed, etc. That also means throwing away and giving away a ton of stuff!

MUST MAKE- I have been knitting my second scarf for almost 2 years now, so I really want to finish it this month!

MUST WEAR- Summer dresses! I am trying to wear dresses more often because I love them, but sometimes I just forget to wear them!

MUST GO- To a nearby park that has beautiful paths and it will be a great place to take outfit pictures 😉

MUST FEEL- Kindness. This month I am going to strive to be kinder to people since everyone will be stressed and in a bad mood when finals roll around! 

xo, Scarlett