Guest Posters Needed!

Are you a blogger who loves to write posts? Do you want to get your name out to over 2,000 followers? Then consider guest posting on The Trendy Chick! I am always open for people to guest post for me, but at the moment I am in need of a few specific posts if anyone is interested! 

Thanksgiving Posts: 

I am looking for one or two bloggers to post about Thanksgiving… this includes a huge range of things including Thanksgiving nail tutorial, outfit of the day, favorite recipe, funny or inspirational Thanksgiving story, etc.

Christmas Wishlists! 

 Last year I did my Wishlist Wednesday Series, and I would love to do that or something similar again! This will require a few bloggers who are interested in doing different types of Wishlists! 

Christmas Posts:

Similar to the Thanksgiving ideas except Christmas themed instead! Makeup, nails, outfits, stories, etc! 

New Years Posts:   

I will be out of town right after Christmas through the first week of January, and I will be without access to my phone or internet or anything. So if you would like to write a post about a NYE topic or resolutions or something of that sort, just let me know!

Anything Else:   

As long as it relates a little to the theme of my blog, I will allow other posts as well!* As I mentioned, I won’t be able to write for almost 2 weeks after Christmas, so I do need some awesome bloggers to help fill the gap!
*My blog is about affordable options, so if you choose to write about something please keep that in mind! 🙂

If you are interested in guest posting on The Trendy Chick, just email me! Be sure to include: 

  • Your name
  • Possible post idea(s) 
  • Link to your blog if applicable! 

Also, I do ask that you follow me on either GFC, Bloglovin, or even Twitter if you do guest post for me because I don’t want to have people who don’t even like my blog writing on it! But if you follow it that shows that you care a little! 

Email ASAP if interested!  

xo, Scarlett