Agenda Organization: Fall 2013

Today I decided I would share how I keep my agenda organized. I always have a lot to keep track of, and post it notes and my agenda are my best friends when I need to remember stuff!  I bought a plain black agenda from Target, but the inside is pretty and pink! I like that it is plain because throughout the year I have added things to the inside cover, like stickers and tickets and things to remember activities I did.

 Here is a the picture that shows I few necessities I need when scheduling things in my agenda. I have my card that shows what colors are for what activity. Then I also have my favorite pens and white out in case something gets changed.

 Here was my agenda on Sunday night. As you can see, I wrote down everything I knew I would be doing during the week. All my tests, quizzes, projects, papers, after school activities, etc.

Here was my agenda at the end of the week. I enlarged it so you could see it a little better.As you can see, I normally cross things off, but after I did it on Monday I realized  I shouldn’t do that for this week since you wouldn’t be able to read anything then! As you can see, I use post it notes or washi tape to add in things that might change or don’t need to happen on a specific day. 

Let me know in the comments if this has helped you at all, or tell me how you organize your planner! Please feel free to ask any questions about it if you have any!

xo, Scarlett