Hot Vanilla With Cinnamon

Recently I got a cold, and I really wanted something hot to drink. I generally don’t drink coffee or drinks with espresso, and I was getting tired of my usual hot chocolate or tea.

 So I decided to turn to Pinterest and find a new easy drink to try. I found one that only called for 3-4 ingredients, and I had all the ingredients so I tried it!  

What you need to make 1 serving: 

1 cup of milk

1 1/2 tsp. vanilla

1 tbsp sugar

Optional: top with whipped cream, cinnamon, chocolate sauce, or marshmallows. 


All you have to do is microwave the milk or heat it on the stove, then add the sugar and vanilla. Stir well and add whatever toppings you choose! I did marshmallows and cinnamon, but next time I might try whipped cream and chocolate! 

Have you tried Hot Vanilla before? What toppings would you choose? Tell me in the comments! 

xo, Scarlett