Fall Spice Tag

 Recently I was searching for a tag post to do, and I found a few different ones! You might see more soon, but I decided to do the Fall Spice Tag today! I love watching tags on Youtube or reading them on blogs because I learn new things about the people who do them!

1. B&BW Candles or Yankee Candles? 

I am not a huge candle person because I am afraid I will leave them burning and burn my house down! But when I do burn them, I usually have Bath and Body Works candles! I also always love smelling them in store!

2. Favorite fall accessory? 


Scarves for sure! I am hoping to do a few outfit of the days with scarves soon. See my scarf collection full scarf collection here!

3. Uggs or moccasins? 

Moccasins! I don’t even own Uggs because if I want to wear boots I will wear a pair of combat boots or riding boots or something that goes better with my outfits! I also own multiple pairs of moccasins because I end up wearing them when I want to be casual and comfy but still a little cute.

4. Fuzzy socks or knee high socks? 

Can I choose both? I wear fuzzy socks ALL THE TIME at home from October through about March. But I generally don’t wear them outside of the house, but I wear knee high or boot socks with boots in the winter!

5. North Face or Columbia jackets? 

Well, I own a North Face and wear it constantly when it is cold, so I will choose North Face! 

6. Favorite fall food?! I don’t really have one favorite food for fall, but I love all the apple and pumpkin treats!

7. Red or pink lips? 

For fall I love red or darker pinks. Nothing too bright though!

8. Winged eyeliner or bright eyeshadow? 

Winged eyeliner, but generally I don’t do either in the fall!

9. Natural or bright makeup? 

I always choose natural makeup, since I like using makeup just to enhance or cover up, not to completely cover my face in!

10. Apple pie or brownies? 

Personally I am not a big pie eater, unless it in the occasional piece or a chocolate pie! I am definitely a chocolate lover and would choose brownies or anything with chocolate any day!

11. Would you rather cook the food or eat the food?  

I don’t really like cooking, but I love baking! I would say I would rather eat the food though! 

That’s all for this tag! I tag all of you to do this Fall Spice Tag if you want to! Tell me in the comments what your favorite question of the tag was, and be sure to leave your links if you do the Fall Spice Tag!