Crisp Apples Nail Tutorial!


I am back today with a new nail tutorial! I realized I hadn’t done a nail tutorial in months since I had been so busy, so when I found a little spare time I decided to create a fall-inspired design!

 I used quite a few different polishes since I didn’t have the exact color I wanted for a base color. I would recommend using a cream, so I did a coat of white then a coat of OPI’s Mississippi Mud on the fingers I wanted the cream.

 Here is what the bases all looked like. I did red on my pinky (later will be changed) and red on my thumb. Then cream on two fingers and gold on my middle finger.

 On on cream nail I decided to do one apple, then on the other I wanted to do multiple mini apples. So I added 4-5 red dots to my pointer finger. On my ring ringer I did a heart shape. Then I did a little horizontal black line on the big apple, and then drew the stem. Next I added a leaf.

Here is the finished look! I added stems and leaves to the little apple, added a little white streak and dot to the big apple to add “shine” and I changed up my pinky by doing a gingham design to replicate a picnic blanket! Overall I really like how it turned out, especially the big apple! 

Have you done fall-inspired nails? What did you think of this design? Tell me in the comments! 

xo, Scarlett