DIY Pumpkin Ideas!

Since we are in the midst of October, I thought I would do another fall themed post. This one is a few pumpkin DIYs that I want to try soon! 


This crayon melt pumpkin is such a good idea! I still love the crayon art I did a few months ago, so this would be a great new crayon DIY to try!  


With the ombre trend still going, an ombre pumpkin would a cute DIY!   

Adorable Washi Tape Pumpkins 

Washi tape is also very popular right now, so if you are looking for a way to use more of it, try this DIY idea! 

How to make a cute Halloween Pumpkin 

And last but not least, a Lilly Pulitzer pumpkin, because who doesn’t love a little Lilly?! 

Let me know your favorite in the comments, and tell me how you are going to decorate your pumpkins this fall! 

xo, Scarlett