Elegant With Elizabeth Mayville

Elizabeth MayvilleElizabeth Mayville    Elizabeth Mayville                "Fox 1" // Elizabeth Mayvile

 Elizabeth Mayville prints.            Elizabeth Mayville 

Aren’t these prints perfect? I love all of them so much, so I decided to share them with you! I found out about Elizabeth Mayville when I was reading Caroline’s blog. Instantly I fell in love and knew I would have to share it with you guys too! I am pretty sure I am going to incorporate her prints into my life somehow, but I haven’t figured out exactly how yet. I love love love the top knot prints, and the fox is so cute too! One idea I have would be in my dream house if I had a big closet/dressing room, I would put a few prints on the wall. 


I could also imagine them on the wall in a room very similar to this. Maybe replace the abstract art?  Cute, contemporary, yet still classic.


Hang one or two up in a bathroom similar to this one? 

 Turquoise Room: Bathroom.  Love the painted ceiling! 

Replace that print above the rub with one of the ones shown above? The striped shirts with the striped rug would go really well! Elegant yet still cute! 

Do you like Elizabeth Mayville? How would you add her prints into your life? Tell in the comments! 

Also, on a separate note, I probably won’t be able to post at all this upcoming week, because I am so busy with school and extracurriculars. I am hoping next weekend to catch up on posts and schedule some for the next few weeks! Until then, follow me on twitter for updates!

xo, Scarlett