Get Her Look: Taylor Swift

Hi Everyone!

I’m Pam from Fashion Love By Pam
I am writing a guest post for Scarlett who is a fellow blogger and new
friend. When I think of summer I think of Taylor Swift.  She writes
wonderful songs and has epic style! Since I am turning 22 years old this
year, I totally love her Video 22! I want to show you that you have to
get two of her outfits from the video and one of her street style

                                                        22 Video Outfit number one! 


Let’s start from the top…

First you need a yellow and white headband 


By Onelaststitch on etsy $10.00 (Here! )

And your black square sunglasses 


By Forever21 for $5.80 (Here! )

Then you need a floral sleeveless blouse… 


By Wet Seal $17.90 (Here! )

Then you need your denim short cutoffs or denim bermudas!   


By Old Navy $19.50 (Here! )

In the video, you don’t see Taylor’s shoes but I would add these cute sandals that would go perfect with the outfit…     


From Forever21 $8.50 (Here! )

Now on to the bracelets that Taylor wears in the video and I found some that are for a great price! 


At Forever21 for $6.80. (Here! )

                         The cost of this whole outfit is $68.50! Give or take.

Now that outfit one is done! Let’s move on to outfit number two from the 22 video! 


     Taylor’s Outfit is PERFECT for Summer!

Let’s start from the top.  The Taylor’s Bowler hat is just like it for $29.00 from Urban outfitters! (Here! )


Or you can use with another summer-like hat like this one.  

                          Fedora By Forever21 (Here!)  $12.80.

Then you need the BIG heart-shaped sunglasses!

                  Red Heart Shaped Sunglasses by Fredflare (Here!  $12.00

let’s talk about her tee shirt, the original tee is $700! So..  I found
some under $20, that I really love. I have two options for you.


                                             It girl tee shirt $13.80

                                                          ( Here! )

            This tee is perfect! For this look, this would be great for an everyday tee shirt.


                                “No Boyfriend, No Problem” Muscle Tee $14.80

                                                              (Here! )

                  It’s perfect for the summer and this tee will keep you COOL!

    Then you need black shorts! Or just shorts, since most women have them.


                                     Black Shorts from Old Navy On Sale for $19.50

                                                             (Here! )

Then you need booties, that’s what she is wearing in the video but I have two options for you!


                            Ankle Boots In Grey,they also have them in brown.


                                                             (Here! )

I love them. You can wear all summer without getting your feet and legs all sweaty!


                                            Black or Mint Leather Gladiators $8.80!

                                                                 (Here! )

                       I love this mint pastel. They go with everything in the summer.                                                

finish the look off. You need accessories. I would use any color
bracelets. I would make an arm party or use the same ones that I posted
in outfit one.

The whole outfit cost $57.90 using the cheaper options!  


Thanks so much Pam for guest posting, and don’t forget to checkout her blog for similar posts! 

xo, Scarlett