Bicycle’s are a girl’s best friend.

 For today’s post, I decided to create 2 different collages on Polyvore
that would be good outfits to cruise around on your bike in. I was
originally inspired to do this post for the IFB Project this week, but I love how both of these outfits turned out!

Casual & Vintage

 This outfit is perfect for days that you want to look cute, but not too fancy.  Personally, I love the detailing on the bag, the retro look of the sunnies, and the bike necklace is perfect for the occasion! Now you can cruise around on the beach with your friends or even just down the street.
Tip: Wear closed toe shoes when biking, because you never know when your toes might get caught in something they shouldn’t!

Here is a small preview of option #2, click here to see a larger picture and more details! This one would be if you wanted to dress up a little more and look very feminine. Again, noticed how I chose closed toe shoes to go with it!

Do you ever ride your bike? If so, what do you like to wear when you ride for fun? Tell me in the comments!