Summer Overalls

Let’s see… the last time I wore overalls I was probably 5. But guess what? They are making a comeback, and not just for toddlers! At first I was really skeptical of this trend, but I think some overalls are starting to grow on me. Keyword is some. Even though I have yet to add any to my closet, I am going to show you a few that I actually do like!


Floral Print Overalls- Forever 21– $35

Personally I think I like patterned overalls better than normal overalls, even though they will match with less things! 

 Image 1 of River Island Dip Dye Overalls
Dip Dyed Overalls- Asos– $68
Next is this beauty. I love the wash of the denim, the style of the closures, and the dip dye effect. The thing I don’t like, the price! If you just like the dip dye effect and don’t really care about the rest of these overalls, I would definitely recommend going thrift shopping and doing this yourself! 
Image 1 of ASOS Short Denim Overalls in Ripped Vintage Wash
Ripped Overalls- Asos- $68

Lastly, I found another pair from Asos that are pretty cute. Again, I would probably just make these myself if I really were thinking of buying it, since it is $68. I actually really like how the model is wearing it with stripes in this picture!

Tell me in the comments what you think of overalls! Would you ever wear them?