Spring Cleaning: Electronics Edition


It is easy to see when your kitchen or bathroom needs cleaned, but sometimes we forget that out electronics need a thorough cleaning as well! And I don’t just mean wiping down the outside, though that is easy to forget as well.


If you have a phone that isn’t a smart phone, this will probably take way less time. But delete any old text messages you don’t need, or any notes you made months ago that you forgot to delete. Next go through your pictures. Chances are there will be a TON you don’t like anymore, are blurry, or ones that you have already downloaded. If you keep music on your phone, go through each song and make sure you still listen to it. If not, delete! If you have an iPhone, take the time to re-organize your apps and delete any of them that you don’t use anymore. Also, go through your notes app. I find I make a lot of little notes, but forget to delete them half of the time! Lastly, go through your calendar and change any appointments that have been moved/cancelled.

Personally this is one that I am trying to conquer since my blog email gets tons of emails every day. I am now trying to get my inbox down to 0 emails by deleting any I don’t need and putting the rest into different folders. There are lots of other sources online that can give you a better idea on how to categorize your folders if you need help with that.

Go through and delete any pictures you don’t want anymore and delete any documents you have that are unnecessary.  This summer I am planning on tackling this, because it is going to take me a while to get through all my emails and then to do this afterwards! Also, set aside a few hours to do any updates that your computer needs/recommends.

Kindle or other reading device: 
If you have any books on there that you don’t want anymore, just delete them! Also, I borrow books from my library on there, and even after the book expired and I can’t read it anymore, I forget to delete it.


It is hard to clutter up your tv, except if you have a DVR. Delete any shows you have recorded that you aren’t going to watch again, and watch ones that you have been meaning to watch for months! 


Camera: Go through and delete any pictures that are blurry, or ones you have already exported. 

Flash Drive: Delete any files on there that you don’t need! 

Pinterest: This might not apply to some people, but occasionally I will go back through my pins and think, Why did I ever pin that?! If you do this too, take a few minutes (or hours depending on how many pins you have!) and scroll through your boards to make sure you still love everything on them. Delete any that are doubles or you don’t like anymore, and move any that are on the wrong board! Also you can consolidate boards if you have 2 small ones that are similar. 

That is all for today, let me know if I missed any electronics in the comments!