Organization April Intro!

Wow, March literally flew right by. I guess that is because I had so many days off during it and lots of things happened! I am just going to introduce Organization April in this post so you will know a little more of what to expect from it.
But first, I want to address a few changes I recently made to my blog! First, I added an Organization April button into my sidebar that anyone can grab and put on their blog to support Organization April! I am working on creating a general blog button, but I want to make sure I make one I really love! Plus, I am considering making some big changes to the look of my blog, which might affect the button.
Second, you can now pin things straight from my blog by just hovering over the pictures and clicking the Pinterest symbol when it comes up! This makes pinning things from The Trendy Chick at least 10 times easier! So pin away!

Now, onto Organization April. I have lots of posts written and lots more planned, but I want to hear what YOU want to see as well! Some things I might do are: how I organize collections (nailpolish, scarf, etc), how I organize my editorial calendar, how to add blogging to your life, closet organization, etc. I honestly am not sure if you guys would be more interested in blogging related organization or fashion so right now I am trying to do a mix, but be sure to tell me in the comments! And remember to stick around until the end of Organization April because there might just be a cheeky giveaway?

Comment with any requests or ideas you have, or if you would like to guest post during Organization April! I am looking for a few people to guest post, and I have a few ideas you could choose from if you are not sure what to write about, such as showing your blogging space. 🙂 Just email me at if interested!

Check back tomorrow to see the real first post for Organization April! Oh, and don’t forget to fool somebody today 😉