Nail Polish Collection- Spring 2013!

Today I am showing you guys my nail polish collection! I promised it sometime last fall, but it was very difficult to round them all up and take all the pictures! But here it is, just in time for Organization April! On a side note, I know it isn’t the best organization, as my collection has overgrown the containers! But it works for now until I can find a better setup!

Overview of my collection! Compared to most people I know, I have a ton, but compared to other bloggers who do nail art, I barely have any!

Chicago Champagne Toast, Black/Red, Happiest Day, Gold Rush,Red Carpet

Sun kissed, Lacey Lilac, Plum Power, Purple Potion, Pacific Blue, Blue Me Away!, Marine Scene, Mint Sorbet, Lime Lights

White on White, White, Snow Violet, Sheer Blossom, Sheer Mauve, Pink Posh, Tropical Temptation, Craving Coral, Plush Purple, Blue, Wind Fall

Under 18, Love Nails, Pinky Glitter, Purple Diamond, Purple Twilight, Fiji, N/A, 7th Inning Stretch.

Sheer Lilac Gloss, Top coat, Orchid Express, Forever Lilac, Pink Diamon, Reaction Frost, Ice Frost

Glitzy in Denim, Glitzy Pink, Nomad’s Dream, Argenteeny Pinkini, Mississippi Mud, Periwinkle, Purple

Violetta, Black Mosaic Effects, Feisty, Cotton Candy, Sparkling Ruby, Garnet Frost

Touch of Taupe, Cool Blues, Cold as Ice, Plum Sparkle, Fuchsia Fiesta

Pink Ice, Splash, Wild Thing, Calypso

Sunset Prisms, Grape Times, Wet Sand, Dreamy Taupe, Sheer Beige, Naturally Hemp, Shuttle

Icicle, Platimum Lame, Midnight Mauve, Soho, Alter Ego, Posh Pink, Jezebel

Gold, Silver, Blue




Red, Blue Glitter, Silver Glitter, Fuchsia Glitter

Kiss Nail Art Paints… purchased at Walgreens but I have no idea the names! They are what I do most of my nail art with though!


Green, Smooth Sailing, Power Clutch, Air.
These are ones I have purchased or received since I originally wrote this post. I am pretty sure there are a couple others as well, but this is most of my collection!