Redo Your Closet! marcus design: {my dream home would have to have ...}


While we all wish that our closets could look like one of the ones pictured above, that isn’t always the case. But there are really easy changes you can make to your closet to make it the best it can be, no matter the size! The main tips to remember are:

  • Everything needs a “home.”
  • Have catagories in your closet.
  • Add shelves or rods to maximize space.
  • Add hooks for bags, belts, or even necklaces  

Those are just basic tips to help organize your closet that you should already know. Perhaps this will remind you to update your closet though!
To begin, you need to take everything out. And my everything, I literally mean down to the last button. Here are some things to do once you have everything out: 

  •  Vacuum the floors and dust the shelfs. You might even decide to repaint while everything is out! 
  • Go through your clothes and decide what you are keeping, what you are donating*, and what you are throwing out. 
  • Put it all back in, where it is supposed to be!  

Once all your clothes are sorted, you can try a few ways to make your closet more “posh.” 

  • If space allows, add a seat or small stool
  • Proper lighting can do wonders, and a chandelier always looks gorgous! 
  • Adding face flowers on a shelf next to your favorite heels can add a touch of life to any dull closet. 
  • Add a rug on the floor of your closet for a splash of color. 

      Just by spending a few hours organizing your closet, you can make it look a LOT better! Leave me any tips you have for closet cleaning down below!
*Find reputable charities to donate your gently used items to. If you have any old formal dresses, check out the Princess Project!