6 Ways Your Smartphone Can Help!

To continue Organization April, I wanted to share some apps and a few ways I keep my life organized through my iPhone.

1. Keep a running to-do list on your phone in the notes section. Pretty self-explanatory, but it definitely helps me accomplish more! 

2. Are you always thinking of things you need while you are standing in your closet picking out your outfit, but then cant remember what it was at the store? Keep a running shopping list on your phone as well! The only thing is you have to keep it up to date! You can also do this with groceries. 

3. This one is obvious but doing stuff on the go. You can easily reply to an email from another blogger or company or tweet something interested while out and about. 

4. You have alarms and stop watches for a reason! Use them! I set alarms and reminders for myself constantly whenever I have to remember or do something. I also use the stop watch when I am working out at home, such as if I am supposed to do a two minute wall sit, so I don’t have to guess or count!

5. The calendar is also a huge lifesaver! It quickly became my main calendar and I put everything in there as soon as I know about it. That way, if someone asks if I am free, I just pull out my phone and it takes literally 5 seconds to check. No more saying you will have to let them know later or overbooking yourself! 

6. Get the app Evernote. It is a free app that helps you with organizing all your to do lists and anything else you need to remember! 

How do you stay organized with your phone? Sometimes it seems that phones can add more chaos into our lives, but you just need to add the right apps and plan accordingly!