Easter Inspirations 2013

Happy Early Easter everyone! In honor of this meaningful holiday, I thought I would put together a short post of a few of my favorite Easter-related things that I have come across recently. Since I am a Christian, this weekend is more for me than just getting a 4 day weekend. I won’t go super into detail on here since if you are Christian, you already know the story, and if you aren’t, you probably don’t want to read a page about it. But please do remember the true meaning behind this weekend!

I am not linking any of these pictures because they can all be found either on my Pinterest Easter Board, or my Social Bliss boards! Feel free to stop by and see more of the Easter things I pinned/spotted!

 C O L O U R B L A S T / Pastel pastel pastel  Ysa Potenciano / Pinterest 

 Coral pleated maxi skirt  How to make Pastel Vintage Rose Nails - FardUp  #easter 

Peep Cupcakes for Easter-3  Easter  Donut Easter Bunny {Easter Food} 

How cute would giving a cutely wrapped EOS lip balm be for a quick and easy Easter gift?! 

I hope this inspired you as well, because it definitely got me in the mood for Easter! I believe this is going to be the last post before Organization April, but who knows, I might feel like creating one last post tomorrow! Either way, have a Happy Easter and I will see you guys after for some organizing fun!