Weekend Inspiration!

Today I decided I would put together a little post that includes the of the things I have come across recently that inspired me. Hopefully this helps inspire at least one other person!


This is so cute! To learn more about this amazing instagram photo series head on over here.

These beautiful photographs by Murad Osmann are displayed through instagram as his girlfriend leads
him on adventures around the world. It is such a cute idea that was unique, but I am sure a lot of people will be doing it now. Regardless, I still think it is a priceless way to document your travels.

Poke small holes in a dark lampshade to make a picture
I have had a thing for New York lately, and I am not sure why. But this lamp shade really just stood out to me and I really want to make it. I love how the light bulb looks kind of like the moon!

I am loving this shirt from Brandy Melville. I know it is really popular right now on blogs and tumblr and stuff, but I think it would add the right amount of edginess to an outfit! Imagine adding a denim jacket or vest over top…

If you know me in real life, then you know that I am obsessed with all things mint, especially mint shakes! So when I found this DIY shamrock shake recipe, I was in heaven!

 kit kat brownies recipe
These look like normal brownies right? Nope, they are Kit Kat Brownies! Kit Kats are one of my favorite candy bars, and I love brownies. So the two together would be absolutely delicious! I can’t wait to try this recipe out soon!