The Trendy Chick Q&A #1

For a while I have been collecting questions for my Q&A, so once I got enough I decided to go ahead and post it. Feel free to leave any other questions below, and I can do another Q&A in a month or two!

  1. Favorite Store? This is tough because going through my wardrobe I don’t have a ton of pieces from one certain store. But I like American Eagle and Francesca’s Collections! 
  2. How many hours/week do I spend on blogging? On writing posts alone I probably spend 5-10 hours, but if you include networking and other blog-related things It would probably be 8-12 hours? No definite time though! 
  3. Where do I get my inspiration? Mainly from Pinterest and other blogs! But even just going on a walk or going through my closet can inspire me a lot! 
  4. Favorite youtube beauty gurus? Well, I am not a huge fan of makeup tutorials, but I enjoy watching fashion videos. My favorites are Beautybaby44, BeyondBeautyStar, and EveliniCutza! 
  5. Do I prefer youtube or blogs? It really depends on my mood and how much time I have. I normally watch youtube while cleaning or doing homework or doing other things so I can be productive and still watch them. But when I read blogs I actually like to sit down and only do that and spend time leaving meaningful comments. 
  6. My favorite blogs? I will leave you guys with the 3 that I am checking almost every day to see if they have posted anything new because I love reading them so much! I hope you take time to look at each of them, and feel free to leave them a comment saying I sent you!
  7. Why do I never have giveaways that aren’t sponsored? In case you didn’t know, I don’t make any money from my blog. This might change in the future, but right now it is just a hobby and I feel that adding that part would add unneeded stress. Since I don’t make money, I don’t have extra money to spend on giveaways and shipping things. Plus, since I don’t really do a lot of beauty stuff, it would be pretty weird for me to give away a MAC lipstick or a Naked palette!
  8. How long do you plan to continue writing on this blog? I honestly have no idea! In my dreams this would become my full time job in a few years and I would get married and have kids all while writing about fashion but keeping it relevant to my stage of life. But who knows how much time I will have then, or if I will even care that much about fashion/blogging! And who knows if people will even read blogs in 5 years! But I have no plans to stop anytime soon! 
  9. Will I make videos for my blog in the future? I honestly have no idea! I would have to buy a lot of different equipment to make good videos, so I am not sure. It does sound fun! 
  10. What fashion accessory in your collection do you think would make the biggest statement at a party? This one was really hard for me, since I don’t have too many accessories that are bold. But I would have to say my studded flats probably, even though they are becoming really popular now and lots of people wear them!
  11. Do I have a posting schedule? Or do I just post on random days? I probably should get my act together and have a posting schedule, so you guys know when I am going to post, but I feel like that would put too much pressure on me. I do want to try to post at a consistent time every time I post, but I am still deciding on that! So I don’t have a definite schedule, but I do try to post every other day or every third day. And I look at recent posts to make sure I don’t post 3 nail tutorials in a row or something like that!

That is all the questions I got, and hopefully I answered all 11 well! If you would like to know more about me or anything I said, feel free to leave a comment! Please, don’t be shy! 🙂