TIBS: Skulls

Blouses - Rock Legend Top in WhiteLately I have been seeing a trend going around. That trend is wearing skulls patterned stuff. Mainly, it has been skull accessories, such as a skull head bracelet. But there have also been shirts like this one from Modcloth thrown into the mix.

Sarah Jayne top Brandy Melville also has a wide variety of skull clothing and accessories. I love this shirt because it would be perfect to wear on cool nights around Fourth of July! It is $60 though, so you could also go with a cheaper option like the next shirt!

Angie American flag skull topAnother flag skull top option from Brandy Melville. It is $29.99, which isn’t bad for a nice shirt from Brandy Melville.

Skull beads ringThis skull bracelet is also from Brandy Melville, and it is one of the favorite skull accessories I have seen. And at only $3.00 per bracelet, you can afford it! I think it would also be good to stack with other bracelets and give your outfit an edgy feel!

Love Skull Cropped Tee Pacsun also has this cute skull croptop that is on sale for only $19.99! I like that the pink color tones down the edge of it a little bit, yet it is still perfect for summer!

And in case you don’t believe me about skulls being popular, I am including a few pictures of celebrities wearing skulls!

Kylie Jenner sporting a blue Alexander McQueen scarf.

  Heidi Klum

Danielle Lloyd- find similar skull top here

xo, Scarlett

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