Inspiration via Pinterest! 6.10.12

Hello! I am going to do a quick post today about 3 inspirational pictures I found off pinterest. They all have an old fashioned feel, and they all were quickly added to my wishlist! Don’t forget to checkout my pinterest to see more pins I love!

Mannequin I found this mannequin while randomly searching, and fell in love! As some of you may know, I have been making changes on my blog. I am also making changes in my room and I am in the market for a good mannequin! Unfortunately, this one is a little more than I want to spend!

pretty tea cups While I am talking about redoing my room, I figured I would show these! Aren’t they just gorgeous?! I want to buy some teacups to store my jewelry in! I saw a picture of it somewhere, and it looks adorable! It is also functional too, because you can clearly see every piece and they never get tangled. To keep the cups and saucers from sliding around in the drawer, I believe you are supposed to add a velvet lining, or something similar. But of course, I don’t have any extra tea cups lying around my house, nor am I going to go out and buy new ones. So I am going to peruse garage and estate sales around me until I collect enough! (I just found the original picture of the teacups storing jewelry, so checkout my pinterest to see it! Hint: look under the “Old Fashioned” catagory!)

I love the swimsuit and sunhat!Lastly, I have this gorgeous swimsuit and sun hat. I am loving the retro swim suit trend, and a oversized floppy hat is a must have for summer! So far, I haven’t found the perfect one in store yet 🙁

What are some old fashioned inspired pieces that you would love to own?

xo, Scarlett