Summer Bucket List 2021

If you have been around for a while, you already know that I make a summer bucket list basically every year. I didn’t make one last year because I just wanted to go with the flow a bit more when I was in Colorado, but I am back this year with a list of 12 things for my summer bucket list in 2021. things I want to accomplish. I am used to having at least 3 months off for summer, and this year I don’t even have 2. So it will be quite a bit to squeeze in since I will be in South Carolina and Illinois during this break! But I am excited for my summer to start this Thursday!

I am really excited to have more time off to explore more of SC and places nearby that I can go on day trips to, such as Hendersonville! I also have at least one friend coming to visit this summer, so I need to try all the fun places before she comes so I can give her the best tour possible! I also am excited to use this time off to knock some books of my to-read list and to do a few thing on my to-do list, such as getting a library card in SC and doing a few DIY projects. And I am sure I will be hitting up the thrift stores even more since I will have more time off!

If you want more summer bucket list inspiration, checkout my previous posts (it goes all the way back to 2013!) here. And let me know in the comments if you made a summer bucket list for 2021, and tell me what is on it if you did!

xo, Scarlett

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