1 Year of Thrifting: What I Learned

Today I wanted to do a post about how it has been 1 year of thrifting (almost exclusively) for clothes! Last January I decided to try to shop secondhand all of 2020 after realizing how much money I could save, the fact that I could get better quality clothes, and it is more ethical that buying from places like Shein and Forever 21.


Outfit Details:

Sweater: consignment store | Top: thrifted | Leggings: Aerie | Boots: Madden Girl | Purse: Forever 21

Did I follow through 100%? No. I did end up purchasing 3 items new throughout the year. One was a GMG dress that I couldn’t pass up during their closing sale. One was a pair of leggings to replace a pair that I had ripped while moving a piece of furniture. And one was a dress from Target that honestly was just on clearance and I loved. My goal isn’t to only thrift stop forever, but just limit what I do buy new to essentials or things I truly love. So I am happy with my total of 3 new clothing pieces this year!

One thing I actually found easy was not buying new shoes. I typically wear the same 3-4 pairs in the summer and then switch those out for a few boots in the winter. Some of them are getting a little worn, so I am pretty sure I will be replacing at least one or two pairs this year. But it was surprisingly easy not to just keep buying more pairs at stores just because they are cute. I have actually never thrifted a pair of shoes and that is still one thing I find slightly gross. Maybe 2021 will be the year I get over that, or maybe I will just stick to thrifting shoes that are new.

In a way, it kind of helped that we were in a lockdown for part of the year. I am not a huge online shopper to begin with, so I only made my GMG dress purchase during quarantine. And then moving away from most of my friends also helped since I wasn’t just going shopping as an activity with friends. I actually don’t even want to buy most things when I am in malls now because I am so used to thrift store prices! I was in one a week or two ago and found a really cute top that I liked, but then when I saw the $40 price tag I suddenly hated the top haha. In my mind I thought about how I could find that piece thrifting for under $5.

I also learned that it isn’t that hard to recreate trends you see using thrifted pieces. If I saw someone wearing something I wanted on social media, I would add it to my thrift list. And usually within a month I could find something pretty similar. It also saved on impulse purchases because sometimes I would think I liked a certain piece that I saw someone wearing, but when I would try on something similar at the thrift store, I would hate it on me. Or I would just decide I didn’t like a trend enough before I could find something similar. Though on the other hand, sometimes I would try a trend and love it, so it was a cheap way to get a piece that I might only wear for a year or two.

This also challenged me to thrift outside of what I normally look for. For clothes, I usually just go for tops and dresses. It is still hard for me to find pants or skirts I like while thrifting, but I did manage to find a few last year, which I count as a win! And I started looking at accessories more, which has led me to buy some fun things like a hair scarf and one of my new favorite rings.

Am I going to keep it up? 

Yes! At least for the most part. Like I said earlier, I will buy a few pieces new each year if it is something I truly need and/or love. But honestly now that I have started thrifting so much, it would be hard to stop! I moved to a town that has some amazing thrift stores too, so it has just become a fun hobby of mine to hit them up after work or on the weekends. And I even ended up furnishing a lot of my apartment with thrifted furniture and decorations, which was a fun process as well!

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Tell me in the comments if you ever go thrifting or what your favorite thing to thrift is!

xo, Scarlett