Colorado Food Photo Diary

Last week I shared about all the sights I saw in Colorado in this post, and this week I am sharing about the best food I ate (spoiler alerts it is mainly sweets lol). The Denver area has no shortage of cute and delicious dessert places, and I only was able to try a fraction of what they have. But there were so many good ones that I wanted to share and also document so I can look back and remember what I had if I ever return! If you follow on Instagram, you have probably already seen me share some of these, but keep reading to find out what I liked about each one!

Little Man Ice Cream– A Denver staple that lived up to the hype. I had the Chocolate Salted Oreo and it was AMAZING. It also seemed to be in a fun part of Denver that I wish I had been able to explore more!

Sundae- Glenwood Springs. This ice cream shop looked promising from the outside, and luckily it didn’t disappoint! I got a chocolate orange flavor and it tasted just like the chocolate orange candy. So good!

In-Tea- Littleton, CO. This place was like a coffee shop except they only have teas… and they have SO many options! I got a vanilla coconut kind with boba because the lady working said it was one of the most popular kinds, and it was so good! Sometimes I think boba teas are too sweet, but this one had the perfect amount of sweetness.

Lamar’s Donuts- I tried a multiple donut places while there, and this was by far my favorite. Pictured is the white filled Lamar’s Bar which was SO good, but also so big. Would recommend splitting one with a friend! Their old fashioned donuts are great too!

BJ’s Velvet Freeze- Colorado Springs. If you want a good old fashioned soft serve cone, this place is a great option! Nothing fancy or Instagram-worthy like many ice cream spots in Denver, but delicious!

DANG Soft Serve- Denver. If you do want trendy soft serve, DANG soft serve is a good choice. I personally thought the soft serve itself could’ve been better, but the toppings are a fun addition. Be warned, it is VERY messy though!

Snooze A.M. Eatery– This is a chain out west (and one in NC too!), but the fact that they have pancake flights made me include them on this list. I firmly believe every breakfast place should offer flights so you can try multiple flavors! The pineapple upside down cake (middle) was my personal fave here!

Voodoo Donuts- Denver. This is also a chain and one I had seen on social media for years. So when I was that close to one, I knew I had to go! I got a maple iced and a strawberry iced one and both were delicious! I wish I had lived closer to it and had tried it sooner in the summer so I could have tried more of them. They have SO many options it was slightly overwhelming, but I think it is hard to go wrong there!

Crumbl Cookie– Another chain, but one I had seen on social media and never lived near! The Samoa one was so good, but I also enjoyed the frosted animal cookie one more than I originally thought! Wish they had these in South Carolina!

Park Burger- Pearl St. Location. Last but definitely not least, I had to include Park Burger on this list. Caitlin recommended this place when she heard I was going to be living near Denver for a few months, and it did not disappoint. The burger was really good, but the fries were AMAZING! I split this basket with my friend since it was cheaper than getting two smaller orders, and I would definitely recommend it because you get SO many! 3 people could easily split it I bet! They also have truffle parmesan fries that looked really good too!

As you can see, if you are in Colorado, there are PLENTY of places to eat! Now I am just crossing my fingers that I can find some new favorite breakfast and ice cream places in South Carolina near my new home!