Teddy Coat Styling Tips: My Favorite Ways

girl with straight brown hear sitting in an igloo smiling while holding coffee

girl with straight brown hair wearing jeans and a fuzzy brown coat sitting in an igloo

hand holding coffee cup out with igloos in background

I know you came for the teddy coat talk, but before we go into that, can we just take a moment to discuss how cute Outside Coffee Co is?! I heard about it for the first time last fall and finally made it out on a nice day earlier in the month! I love how unique the igloos are and overall it just had a fun vibe. Also, the igloos are heated, which is my dream because I am always cold. Which leads me to my next point about how warm teddy coats are!

girl holding a coffee cup and wearing a brown coat pushing her hair back

girl looking at the camera while holding a coffee cup in front of a brick wall

girl wearing a brown coat and light wash jeans with black leather boots

girl standing in front of a brick wall smiling and holding a coffee cup in one hand with her other hand in her coat pocket

girl with straight brown hair standing in front of a brick wall while holding a coffee cup and smiling

coat: Zaful (c/o) | sweater: Forever 21| jeans: Macys (similar) | boots: Madden (similar) | earrings: Shein


I finally caved and got a teddy coat this winter. I mentioned in a post a few months ago that it was a popular trend again this winter, so when Zaful reached out I knew exactly what I wanted. I was not expecting to like it as much as I did, but holy moly is this coat soft. It is like wearing a blanket it is so cozy and warm! I completely understand all of the hype surrounding them, but I would still recommend purchasing a less expensive option since it is a trend that will probably be gone in a year or two. Rather than spending $100+ on popular brands, consider going with a Zaful option or even an Amazon teddy coat! One of my housemates got one off Amazon that is just as soft and cute as the one I got from Zaful. The only thing we have both noted is that the zipper sticks a bit, but honestly I never zip my coats anyways lol.

I also will be transparent with you guys and say that I have loved the pieces I have received from Zaful, but getting them was a pain. As I am writing this at the beginning of January, I still do not have one of the items I ordered 2+ months ago, but I am happy that it has finally shipped. Customer service at Zaful is also something that needs to be improved, as their responses were slow and basically said it was the holidays so it will take a while without giving any real answer or timeline. The pieces I have received looked like the pictures and were both pretty good quality when compared to another fast fashion website like Shein.

Now onto the part where I share styling tips! When it comes to styling my teddy coat, I have discovered a few things. First off, I have found that mine looks best with neutral outfits that don’t include patterned pieces. The only pattern I feel like has worked with my coat is stripes, but I could also see a subtle plaid potentially working! I also find that it looks best if I tuck in my top or wear a shorter top that does not show below the teddy coat in the back. Finally, since it is oversized, I recommend not wearing other loose or flowing pieces with it. I find leggings or skinny jeans look best and a form fitting top is flattering! Not of these are hard and fast rules though, and I encourage you to branch out and find what YOU like to wear with your teddy coat! But if you are feeling a bit self conscious about trying a new trend, these tips can help you make your teddy coat look effortlessly chic.


Do you like the teddy coat trend? Let me know in the comments!

xo, Scarlett