Top 5 Posts from 2018

As the year wraps up, I love to look back through all of my posts and see which ones were the most popular. It is always so fun to see if you guys liked the posts I thought would be best, or if there are some random posts that ended up doing really well! Here are the top 5 from 2018:

48 Hours In Nashville
I put a lot of effort into this post and it was really fun to write, so I am so glad that so many of you read it and bookmarked it for future reference too!

Summer Bullet Journal Page Ideas

Another really fun post to write, and it is one that has some great bujo inspiration in it!

May 2018 Bullet Journal

I love sharing my monthly spreads, and seeing that some of them are the most popular posts is fun!

Shein Sweater Review

This was actually my most popular post from this past year, and I love that I am able to help others out who are considering ordering from Shein! I read so many reviews before ordering items from them, so it was fun to contribute my own review.

Why Being Ghosted By My Best Friend Was A Good Thing

More of a personal post, but I still wanted to share my story because it could help other people who find themselves in the same boat. I had multiple people send me messages after reading this post saying a similar thing happened or they loved how I spun a weird situation into something positive.

And there you have it! Those are the most popular posts from 2018, and I cannot wait to create even more fun posts in 2019!

Which post out of these 5 was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

xo, Scarlett