November 2018 Bullet Journal Spread

As you can tell from this first picture, we have a little camera hog in half the pictures in today’s post. He got away with it because he is cute 😉

For November I just did a little floral/plant theme on the cover page with my Mildliners. I am obsessed with how well they work for bullet journaling and couldn’t resist even though not all of colors are fall colors.

Obviously I had to keep up my gratitude page for November since it is basically the month of gratitude. I wrote “have an attitude of gratitude at the bottom as a daily reminder, and included a little fox at the top because I thought it was peaceful and cute and felt a bit like fall to me.

I decided to keep the same habits as last month, but switch up my tracker layout! I saw this idea for circles that you fill in a bit of the outline every day you do a habit, so by the end of the month the whole thing will have a colorful outline if you stick to all your habits. You can see I added little pencil marks inside the top right circle to show what I will be filling in each day, but I decided to leave the marks out of the other ones for now and just try to go off the first one because honestly they were a pain to draw in! 

I also added in a spot for a few goals, but since I am prescheduling this post I haven’t come up with the specific goals yet. I usually try to have a reading goal, a school related goal, and at least one personal goal! 

Then finally I have my expense list! I added in a little pumpkin pie drawing and outlined the box in yellow so make it more November appropriate.

Chester approved.

Licking his lips thinking about all the good Thanksgiving food that will be here soon. 😉

Happy November!
xo, Scarlett