My Ultimate Bucket List Bullet Journal Page

One of my goals this summer was to complete more of my “one time” pages in my bullet journal. Pages such as this one, where I can still add things to it, but it isn’t something I will be creating new pages for monthly. I have been compiling things for a few months on my phone so once I actually made the page I would have a good amount on things to add to my bucket list. I finally completed it about a week ago, and I asked you guys on Twitter if you would be interested in seeing it and everyone who voted said yes! Of course, completed is a relative term since I know I will constantly be adding things to this list and hopefully crossing things off too!

On the first page I put my US travel that I want to do and I put any personal goals aka just things that don’t involve travel. Honestly many of my things I want to accomplish do involve visiting a certain place or seeing a certain thing, so this category is fairly small. Also on a separate page I have a US travel tracker where I mark all the states I have been to, so that is why I did not go very in depth with states on here. The ultimate goal is to hit all 50, but I wanted to add some specific cities or sites I want to see too.

Then I have my international travel page! On here I tried to list a the country and then anything I wanted to do in that country or city. So for example, I have London listed and then Big Ben and London Eye underneath since I want to visit those while I am in London at some point. So this does seem like a lot, but some of them are kind of combined like that! And again, there is a lot of extra space because I know I will be adding more things to it over the coming months and years!

Also I kept the designs of both of these pages pretty simple since I wanted plenty of room to write down my actual goals. I looked up some on Pinterest, but many of the cute ones focused so much on design that they only left room for like 10 goals. Clearly I needed more room than that, so I chose to stick with a few stickers and just list my items! I chose the hot air balloon sticker because it says sky’s the limit and I felt like that was a good saying for a bucket list! And of course the elephants since at some point I want to either ride an elephant or bathe one like I have seen pictures of on social media. Overall it is simple, yet I love it!

Do you have an ultimate bucket list written down everywhere? What is #1 on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments below!

xo, Scarlett