July Bullet Journal Spread

Today we are kicking off July by sharing my July bullet journal monthly spread! I have switched up my monthly spread a little bit for summer and simplified what is it in a bit. To see previous bullet journal posts, click here

For my cover page, I still kept it simple, while keeping it cute! I loved the idea of combining popsicles and the flag for July! I also added a little blue and silver glitter glue on top of the blue of the flag, which is something I had never done before! The only downside was that I had to let this page dry overnight before working on the following pages, but I love how it turned out!

Before I have had a gratitude page as my second page, but in June I tried a memories page instead. For June, I wrote little blurbs or drew pictures to remember things. I might try adding in pictures or other little mementos as well this month!

I also ditched my habit tracker and my expenses tracker for the summer. I didn’t want to have to track my habits daily and I wanted a little more flexibility so I chose to focus on larger goals instead of daily habits. I also didn’t add an expenses page because in the summer I honestly don’t spend that much since I am living at home again. Mainly I just spend it on ice cream with friends or occasionally a movie or an activity like mini golf! I might add it back for August once I start buying more clothes for clinic and such, but for now I know I am not spending that much so I am not worrying about tracking it.

Right now I only have 4 goals for the month, but they are all goals I really want to accomplish. Hopefully I can get them done even with traveling and working!

xo, Scarlett