Sit Down With Scarlett: 6.25.18

I wanted to do another SDWS post because I wanted to do a little update and I have an exciting announcement! I hinted at this in my last SDWS post, but I am officially blogging every day in July! I have been planning for months to come up with enough blog posts ideas and I already have about a dozen prescheduled! I have so many fun posts to share and I am so excited to be putting up a new one every day!

If you have followed me for a while, you probably remember I used to post a lot more often than I do now. I am a big believer now that quality is better than quantity, so I have just stuck to posting one good post a week instead of 2-3 mediocre posts per week. Since I am busy in school, it just isn’t realistic with my life currently to post more often than once a week. But I put posting every day for a month on my 101 in 1001 list, so I knew if I wanted to conquer it this summer would pretty much be my only chance since it is my last summer break before grad school for the next two years! It has been a challenge to come up with 31 good post ideas, and obviously they all haven’t been written yet so I still might change some. But it has challenged me in a good way and helped remind me how much I love blogging and why I used to post so often.

Nannying this summer is also going really well. I am going to do a day in my life post soon, so be on the look out for that! I love all 3 of the families I am nannying for and I love the variety that 3 families bring. I am working about 35-40 hours a week, but it honestly doesn’t feel like that much because it is spread out and I have different kids depending on the day. While I love nannying for younger kids, it has been fun to nannying for 9 year old girls as well. They are still young enough that they like parks and playing with dolls, but old enough that they enjoy going to play tennis, spending days at the pool, or going to craft stores to buy supplies and do projects.

I have also been reading a ton and I am down to 90 books on my to-read list! That may sound like a lot to some, but at one point a year or two ago I had over 200 books! I have taken some off just because they didn’t interest me anymore, but I have also read so many! There will be another Recently Reading post up next week, but if you need recommendation before then, checkout my previous ones here!

This weekend I am heading off for a week to somewhere I have never been before! Any guesses where?! I am really excited because I enjoy traveling, especially to new places. It may not have been the best month to blog every day considering how I won’t have my computer with me the first week, but I am looking forward to having everything prescheduled and having a computer for a week!

How has your summer been so far? Are you traveling anywhere fun soon? Are you excited to see a new post on TTC every day in July?! Let me know in the comments!
xo, Scarlett