Summer Bucket List 2018

For my final summer, I knew I had to make one last summer bucket list. I didn’t add too much since I am working a lot this summer, but I knew I would want to add some fun things into my weeks too!

I have been making a summer bucket list since 2013, and I have blogged about each one! So if you need more ideas to make your own list, checkout my past lists and laugh about how far my blog has come since 2013 (yikes).

Summer 2013
Summer 2014
Summer 2015
Summer 2016
Summer 2017

1. Nashville
2. Hot air balloon show
3. California
4. Watch fireworks
5. Eat a snow cone
6. Go rollerblading
7. Mini golfing
8. Make smoothie pops
9. Drive-in movie
10. Farmer’s Market
11. Read 15 books
12. Have a tech-free weekend

This summer has already been so fun and I have already crossed off #1 and #8!

What do you have on your summer bucket list? Do you have any fun trips planned? Let me know in the comments!

xo, Scarlett